July 26, 2011 Intercentro free bus service


Dear we are pleased to announce that on July 16 it launched the free bus service Intercentros. This service will operate every day starting at 11 am, with simultaneous output from Valle de Lobos and from Haruwen, running preset schedule all winter resorts to 16:30.

Importantly, the service does not include transportation to or from the winter resorts, which must be made through any means of transportation authorized for this purpose.
This service will allow our visitors to have multiple choices for fun in the snow: downhill skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding polar, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, heli-skiing, snow-fox - toboggan slide - snow banana other entertainment in the snow.
The goal is for each member of a family or group of friends have multiple choices for fun in the snow, without anyone having to be bored while another part of the group enjoying their vacation.

Intercentrofree bus service