September 26, 2011 Cruise season


The2011-2012 cruise season began on September 16, 2011 with the arrival of the ship Via Australis (Cruceros Australis) and ends on April 14, 2012 with the departure of that vessel.

For its part, the Antarctic cruise season will begin on October 29, 2011 with the departure of the vessel Ushuaia and ends on April 3, 2012 with the arrival of the same boat.

The Provincial Directorate ofPorts of Ushuaia Antarctic informed the Office of the Institute of Tourism Fueguino a total of 280 confirmed landfalls, which will be made ​​by a total of 36 boats during the 2011-2012 season.

Thelarger vessels that will be visiting the local port will be the Star Princess (Princess Cruises) with a capacity of 2600 passengers. This vessel carried a total of 5 landfalls and the Infinity (Celebrity Cruises), 1950 passenger dock in Ushuaia 6 times. Also stop in Ushuaia Veendam ship (1266 passengers) and Aida Cara (1200 passengers).
Ships Artani (1200 passengers), Adonia (710 passengers), Seabourn Sojourn (450 passengers), Austral (264 passengers) and Silver Explorer (formerly Prince Albert II, 117 passengers) arrive for the first time to the local port during the 2011 season -2012.