History of the inn

Origins of the inn

The design and construction of our establishment confronted with professionals from the island. Development is characterized by a craftsmanship and innovative in the area since the houses were usually of metal and wood, and only in the winter skiing center at that time there was a similar property.

The structure as we said is of stone and wood in the area (beech). With time and effort our dream was coming true. Each stone placed required a previous selection to find the appropriate size and shape, so did the trunks of beech.

The interior is coated, can be observed in both columns and ceilings warmth provided by the beech, wood in our snack mixes "The Cave" with stone, here you can spend a moment no doubt accompanied by music relaxed and calm.

The hostels are regulated, are characterized by having a minimum capacity of 8 persons and a maximum of 36 and must be at least 2000 meters from the center of the city. One requirement is to have an appropriate design to the natural environment around us, that is to be integrated into the landscape of our island.

Periodically these facilities with other housing related, are controlled and inspected by the official called INFUETUR (Fueguino Institute of Tourism).

Meet our rooms

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