Our vision

Hosteriadel Recodo was born of the need for owners to operate a change in their lives. Large cities, with its dizzying, frenetic pace at which you get used to generated a great deal of stress ...

And we said enough!

Up in the morning and find snow capped mountains, or fall to see how the vegetation is taking a beautiful ocher for us is priceless.
Once we clear what we wanted for our immediate future, we decided it was feasible to tackle an activity consistent with the place, there arose the idea of entrepreneurship El Recodo. Its name to the place where it is located in a westerly direction (half way to Parque Nacional de Tierra del Fuego) and 3 km from the airport.

The area where the inn is a privileged place to the south (approximately 200 meters, is Beagle Channel), southeast (about 150 mts) passes Pipo River, which flows into the canal, this will gives the landscape an enviable view.
We wait for them to share with us the place of our dreams and during your own come true ...

Meet our rooms

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